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This week’s New Product Highlight introduces polymer-coated dye sublimation mugs. If you’re producing dye sublimated shirts you already know the fundamentals of how sublimation works. Listed here are a couple of important tips about find out how to add customized imprinted mugs to your product providing. Design & Print The artistic course of is identical as that for shirts. Create your graphic, and print to the Sawgrass PowerDriver. Ensure you ship a mirror model of the picture and print to dye sublimation switch paper. The Energy Driver SoftLink setting is designed particularly for shirts and should not work as effectively with these things. Use the Silver Steel setting for stainless-steel journey mugs and the UniSub Merchandise setting for white ceramic mugs. For greatest outcomes, make sure that the harga mesin press mug floor is clear and dirt-free. The dye is not going to penetrate mud particles, so in the event that they’re not eliminated earlier than printing, you’ll have white unprinted spots on the ultimate product. Trim It, Tape It, Wrap It Earlier than making use of the switch to the mug, trim it in order that the paper suits within the optimum print space. It’s a good suggestion to depart a 1/eight″ to three/sixteen″ unprinted border on the high and a 1/four″ to three/eight″ margin on the backside. It’s necessary to ensure you don’t have wrinkles within the switch paper. Wrinkles will outcome within the dye leaving undesirable streaks on the mug. To make sure a good seal across the higher fringe of the mug, attempt wetting the switch paper to “soften” it to the mug’s floor. This produces a crisp switch with no fuzzy edges. As soon as the printed switch is fitted to the mug, use a chunk of warmth resistant tape to safe it tightly to the floor. Then wrap it in a Teflon sheet (lower to the correct width). Underneath Stress To wrap, or to not wrap? Even in case you’re not a “50 Cent” fan, you might have heard of wraps that allow you to seal the mug and place it in an oven to be sublimated. Though this can be a cheaper possibility, it’s not ultimate for industrial manufacturing. Sometimes, mug wraps require 20 minutes in an oven to realize full switch. A Knight Digital Combo or DK3 mug press completes the job in 5 minutes or much less, so a conventional warmth press is way more environment friendly and productive. If you happen to’re utilizing a Knight Press, set the temperature at four hundred°F and press for five minutes at heavy stress. Peel & Splash The Sawgrass Dye Sublimation Information advises putting the mug in water as quickly as you’ve eliminated it from the press and peeled the switch paper. The mug continues to be extraordinarily sizzling and, if allowed to ‘air cool’, ink will proceed to sublimate. This will likely end in blurring on the edges of the imprint rising upwards from the imprinted space. As soon as the mug is cooled, dry it, admire your handiwork, and current to your buyer. Troubleshooting Light Dye Sublimation Transfers Dye sublimation is a well-liked type of digital ornament partly as a result of it produces vivid colour and really smooth transfers. No different type of garment ornament produces a picture that feels softer than a sublimated switch. However often, that very softness can flip in opposition to you and make your usually vivid transfers look pale and lifeless. When this occurs, you’ll be able to examine all of the bins–certify the right temperature, press time and stress—to no avail. Clients are ready and orders are piling up. What to do? Earlier than we reveal the answer, it’s vital that you simply perceive the method. Dye sublimation is completed by sublimating ink inflicting it to turn into a gaseous dye that completely stains polyester molecules. Sublimation is the change from a stable or liquid to a gaseous state. It occurs in nature every single day, even to rocks. That’s how we scent issues. We detect the vapors given off by strong or liquid objects. Dye sublimation printing harnesses this course of. When the ink and paper attain four hundred°F, the ink sublimates and turns into a dye that completely bonds to polymers. The period of time required varies relying on the merchandise being dyed. Whereas polyester attire can by sublimated in 35 seconds, it will probably take 4 minutes to dye a ceramic tile. So for one thing like Champion Efficiency Put on, you’ll usually get a vivid switch on white shirts with the usual four hundred° at 35 – forty seconds. So what’s occurring when the identical course of produces pale prints? Most are tempted guilty the printer, the ink, or the warmth press. However the reply lies elsewhere. The issue is within the polymer coating itself. Referring again to the advisable press instances for ceramic tiles and polyester clothes offers us a clue. Ceramic is far tougher than material so it typically takes for much longer to sublimate. However keep in mind, we’re not truly staining the ceramic itself, however the polymer coating that’s been utilized to allow ornament. The softer that polymer coating is, the extra shortly it opens to the dye and permits the sublimation course of to start. And that’s the place the issue is. Some objects coming to market have softer than regular polymer coatings. In accordance with nicely positioned trade supply, some polymer-coated mugs being imported from Asiahave coatings so tender, the switch paper melts into it in the course of the warmth press cycle. Not good. The identical is true of polyester attire. Maybe in a bid to match cotton for its trademark softness and luxury, some producers are turning out polyester clothes which can be so tender, the usual settings don’t work. It’s a very good factor in case your buyer desires a very comfortable garment. Not so good if you happen to can’t embellish it correctly. Fortuitously there’s a easy resolution. Typically much less is extra, even in chemistry. For those who’ve been getting good transfers out of your Hanes or Vapor Attire shirts and also you begin seeing this persistently pale output, simply scale back the temperature. We tried this just lately with a batch of Vapor Attire shirts. Usually, we get sensible transfers from these clothes by sublimating them for forty seconds at four hundred°. Once we began getting persistently light pictures, we backed it right down to 390° for 30 seconds and Voila—vivid colour! If you happen to’re experiencing the aforementioned mug switch drawback, strive urgent at 340° for 30 seconds. The opposite choice is to make use of a unique shade mode or profile. In case your Sawgrass PowerDriver has a “Efficiency Attire” choice, this may increasingly additionally get better your misplaced saturation. To scale back the potential of complicated your self or your employees, it’s at all times a good suggestion to start out with the advisable business requirements. For polyester attire, that benchmark remains to be four hundred° for 35 – forty seconds. However, for those who see a sudden drop in high quality, you now have a easy answer. Much less is extra.
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