Craps Strategy

Craps is a classic casino dice game. It has always been popular with high stakes players, hence the term "high rollers". In fact, Craps is fast paced and addictive at all levels. There is no other casino game where you can win and lose as much money as hurtigt.Det interesting thing about craps is that it really is a culture in itself. You can spend years playing or poker with grim faced players and then be surprised how completely different maniacs at the craps table is. These people have their ups and downs like other players, but when the table is "hot", they go ... crazy. Its fun.

There are some interesting strategies to play craps. On the one hand taking a mathematical approach, like the free Odds basic strategy, this will give the lowest house edge. There is another interesting strategy called 5 Count, which is developed by a craps pro called The Captain. While this is less a mathematical approach, it is more a system designed to identify and exploit good shooters.

These bets have the lowest house edge, thus giving you the best possible chance of winning at the craps table. However, note that the casinos still have the edge in the long run - no matter what kind of game you're doing. This does not mean that you can not win big in the short term. But it does mean that you should stop playing craps, while you are ahead - if you do not you will eventually end up losing your money to the casino.

If you play as I have indicated above - you will occasionally be able to walk away from the craps table with a nice win, and you will definitely get the best entertainment for your gambling dollar that you will be able to play for many hours after this strategi.Måske you want to use a betting strategy while playing craps? Please note that no betting system will make you win in the long run - but that does not mean that the use of betting strategies are not a lot of fun. You can read more about betting strategies in my betting systems section.

Playing craps is as simple as ABC! The game is basically a fight between you and Parliament. It's about to hit a seven with a pair of dice as 3-4 or 2-5 or 1-6. Wagering on a "Pass Line" or "Do not Pass Line", the shooter or the roll of the dice will make a pass line and then making a come-out "spin get a seven or eleven on the first spin and win. If he gets any other number of spin as the pass line is defeated, making it a Point. At this stage, continues the player rolling the dice until he gets a Point or Seven to win if he does not, he loses.

Come-out roll can be done again if the previous shooter has not won. A come bet is made up of the same rules as the pass line bets, as opposed to the do not come bet is the opposite of that. In a Do not Come bet the player wins if he rolls a 2 or 3, and rolling a 12 would be a tie or tie with the house. A direct reversal of Come bet erdont come bet.